Tiamats World

Blowup in the village

During the scuffle after Zachery confronts Master Dragon about the robbery, his angry cause Zachery to throw his chest at master Dragon. Master Dragon promptly held up the hole and the chest went in along with all of Zachery’s and Gilly’s Equipment that fit in the chest.

In the wrong Place

After being ejected from the language school, Zachery and Gilly take off after Master Dragon and Lizzie. After there Battle with the Orconna in the Gorge of Rancor, They make it to Rancor with their Chest of jewelry taken from the beasts belly. After making inquiries at the Red Dragon and not finding the pair in their rooms. They head out to look for them and walk right into the hands of the Rancor militia, and was promptly arrest for the robbery of the jewelry store because of the chest of jewels they carried. After being jailed they promptly escaped and made out across the Gorge. Where they caught up with Master Dragon and Lizzie in the village of Blaner of Rancor.

Taken to the Cleaners

Upon leaving Warit, Master Dragon and Lizzie are confronted by a strange wizard About the book Master Dragon carried. Master Dragon was offered a portable hole in exchange for the book. After the trade the industrious pair continued to Rancor. The first night in Rancor the pair sneaked out of the inn and broken in to the jewelry exchange. After spending several hours moving from room to room and raiding several rooms and chest, putting everything in the new portable hole. They made good their escape from Rancor. Once safe back in the village of Blaner of Rancor They go to investigate their rewards and the only thing they pull out of the hole is a note that say thank you for the donation. Master Dragons anger got the better of him and he fired 10 beads of force into the hole, the major explosion on the other end cause the hole to become inactive.

Finally Made it to Warit

After rescuing Diablo from the nameless wizard-theif that has been causing the party so much trouble. They finally make it to Warit. Diablo after almost be eaten by the party head out to Blunar. While in Warit, Zachery Joins the order of Warit as a Holy warrior, after Lady Abrabanal removes several cursed items. Zachery also has dedicated the next year to trying to learn a new language, what will it be? Master Dragon a.k.a The Librarian and Lizzie plan to head for Rancor. Wonder what kind of trouble they plan to get into. Gilly wonders Should he stay in Warit with his friend Zachery or follow The Librarian like he was first told to do by his goddess.

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